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A number of people have asked me where I have been for the last couple of years?


In 2013 my family and I moved from Suffolk to Essex in order to look after a poorly relative. This also meant moving Compass Wines from its office in Bentley. With the move I decided that it was perhaps the right time to move the business back to London, our new home would be a simple, short train journey away.


To achieve the move back to London, I merged my business with another wine merchant based in London. Sadly this turned out to be a grave error and then spent some time separating myself from the other party. This was a time consuming period and with the added responsibilities on the caring front, I became rather distracted. Time has moved on as we celebrate 15 years of Compass Wines, we are now at a point where we shall start planning a move back to Suffolk sometime next year.


So, to where Compass Wines finds itself today - The financial crisis sent people looking for tangible assets in which to invest. So it was that wine and in particular, Bordeaux, became identified as a ‘commodity’. I have always struggled with the idea of wine as an investment vehicle as the product is so subjective and the comments of a single wine writer can affect the price in an often dramatic fashion. Sadly, the impact of the commoditisation of Bordeaux and then Burgundy has sent prices into the stratosphere, so I set myself to find new markets to discover.


I am pleased to offer you a selection of wines that fulfil my objective, in being of the very best. Here are a few to be going on with.


Thank you for continuing to shop with me and I look forward to providing you with more delights and good surprises……Cheers!





Please click on the pictures. 
Fincas de Ganuza  2008  
Stignano  2011  
Lethbridge  ‘Pinot Noir’  2012 
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